Craft in the Cowboy State

Wyoming is the second least populated state per capita. This means we have more wilderness and scenery outside our door than most other states, and are permitted to enjoy the adventures awaiting us with less company and more silence. It puts a higher value on a handshake and decrees a rougher existence, rewarded by dint of prosperity. Whether we’ve lived here for a week or our entire lives, Wyoming leaves her majestic mark and drives our identity through both her rutted and inviolate beauties.

Interestingly enough, in the category of breweries per capita, the state’s 49th place population position adjusts to number seven, trailing only the states notorious for craft beer running through your mind right now. Wyoming is a state built to support small business and bred on entrepreneurial dreams. We partner our love of getting outside with the enjoyment of a well-deserved beer after an adventure, or a hard day of work. And, in a state now boasting twenty-four unique breweries, you can have your pick of après enjoyment wherever you are when happy hour marks the spot. So toast to your friends, families and colleagues, your triumphs and better-luck-next-times

Wyoming craft beer offers the opportunity to taste the labors of our craft brewers; the ones who use local ingredients or take inspiration from innovation, the barrel-aging experts, the masters of the pilsner, the foodies who effortlessly develop beer and food pairings that change the way you taste both. These hard-working men and women have dedicated their careers to bringing the best beers possible to the best state to enjoy them in. If you haven’t sipped our suds yet, we hope you give craft a chance. If you’re already an avid fan, thanks for helping us keep craft wild.

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